T-Rex Megastore Review – Does T-Rex Ecom Really Work

trex mega store review

T-REXecom presents the only ”DONE FOR YOU” storefront solution designed for individuals who want to start an online business without going through the strenuous activities of web design, coding, or product development. Best of all TREX Mega Store Review sites have published many raving reviews about the product. This mega store is already filled with hundreds of products and already tied with a US based drop shipping company. The software solution creates for you a complete E-commerce site ready with inventory so that you can start selling immediately. You also get content, training and industry updates as you continue using the software. This means you’ll get enough support to start and grow your internet marketing business.

Since T-REXecom helps you to get a ready-to-run E-commerce site, you’d want know what kind of site to expect.

    The ONLY Platform that Creates a Complete 

E-Commerce Store in a Few Clicks:

trex mega store review

trex mega store reviews




The ONLY Platform that Creates a Complete E-Commerce Store in a Few Clicks, Complete with Products Ready to Ship…
  • Built on a premium niche theme

Your site’s niche theme is a critical part of your brand. T-REXecom allows you to choose a theme that will resonate with your store and its products. For this purpose, the software has a collection of some of the most popular professional themes. Thus, customizability is not limited. To choose the best theme for your store, consider the must-have features and choose a theme that will provide you with the functionality you require. If you need a front page slideshow, a mega-navigation menu, an image-zoom tool or any other feature, T-REXecom has a theme that prioritizes such functionalities.

  • Mobile commerce-ready site

Currently, any site benefits from being optimized for mobile devices. The greatest benefits come in terms of improved user experience and higher ranking on search engine result pages. T-REXecom hasn’t let these benefits go. Your site will look just as great on smart phones and other mobile devices as it looks on a computer screen.

Your store will also have a built-in mobile optimized shopping cart so your customers will browse and buy items using their tablets or mobile phones without any huddles.

  • Automatic fulfillment (Fulfillment By Amazon “FBA”)

Your T-REXecom site will fulfill orders automatically so you’ll be sure that the shipping of your products is taken care of properly. T-REXecom has a partnership with a giant print fulfillment company in the USA that makes sure all orders are fulfilled on time.

  •  Full Blogging Platform

Publish and categorize articles, create lookbooks, encourage discussion, and moderate comments on your T-REXecom WordPress blog.

  • Abandoned Checkout Recovery

The software enables you to recover lost sales. In case a customer abandons their shipping cart (does not finish the purchasing process), the app automatically sends an email to the customer with a link to their abandoned shopping cart. The email is meant to encourage the customer to complete the process. This feature enables to regain some of the sales that were on the run and can significantly improve your business’ profitability.

  •  Accept Credit Cards

You can accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express the minute you launch your T-REXecom shop. We’re integrated with Stripe, PayPal etc.

  •  Your Brand Your Customer

T-REXecom allows you the business owner to control your brand and your customer! You own everything and have complete control. Even our drop ship & fulfillment through Printex is “White Labeled” with your brand.

  •  Abandoned Checkout Recovery

Recover lost sales by automatically sending an email to prospective customers with a link to their abandoned shopping carts, encouraging them to complete their purchase.

  •  Drop-shipping

Drop-shipping is one of the features that make E-commerce business viable for most entrepreneurs of today. With drop-shipping, you don’t have to stock anything to sell. A third of the businesses in the E-commerce industry are using this feature for inventory trex mega storemanagement. It is even more useful to small-scale E-commerce entrepreneurs since they are able to start selling products with a lower upfront investment.

T-REX ecom integrates with reputable companies like Printex to make it easy for you to set up a drop-shipping business. Having lifted of the burden of holding inventory from your shoulders, it lets you concentrate on other impactful things like bringing new customers to the business.

Every T-REXecom Plan Includes A Printex Inventory & Drop Ship Account!

And while doing so, T-REXecom allows you full control over your brand and customers. Your drop ship is “White Labelled” with your brand, even though it is carried out through Printex.

  • Various Ways of Marketing Your Business

First, you get a FREE domain and use your domain name through T-REXecom. With a keyword-rich domain name, your store will be easily found on the web. You also get a full blogging platform (T-REXecom WordPress blog) where you can publish you articles, discuss with your customers, create lookbooks, and do everything possible to maintain good relationships with your customers. Hosting is included in your package and T-REXecom makes sure that your store is accessible and fast 24/7 to promote business.

Email marketing: The E-commerce solution includes a built-in email engine. You have 10,000 emails every month for your email marketing needs. Broadcast emails, sequential drip marketing, and auto responders are also included.

Selling on Social Media: T-REXecom sites include social media integration such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumbler, and Twitter, and you can customize your products and ads in endless ways. For instance, the application enables you to make custom FB ads and your Facebook fans can browse your products using the application’s opt-in pages and customized survey plans.

This E-commerce solution also allows the addition of videos and images so you can add a YouTube video or any other kind of supported video format to the site to demonstrate or promote your products.

  •  E-commerce Training

A high-class E-commerce solution is not complete without training. The T-REXecom team is committed to offering you the best tactics and strategies on a continuous basis to support the sustainable growth of your E-commerce business.

You receive world-class training on Amazon, funnel marketing, Shopify, and other internet marketing aspects that will help you realize the greatest ROI.

T-REXecom avails to you a vast network of “power sellers” who’ll offer their industry knowledge and experience in monthly webinars. Many Trex mega store review blogs guarantee that you are sure to beat your competitors with this kind of knowledge exposure and more importantly, the availability of training on tested strategies and tactics of successful E-commerce.

Trex Mega Store Review: Its Benefits:trex mega store review

Have a fully operational and automated E-commerce store within 48 to 72 hours

  • Have a mobile-optimized E-commerce site that fulfills the requirements of search engines and that your products are accessible for purchase to the large portion of online buyers that use mobile devices
  • Create your products without worries about packing and fulfillment
  • There are additional products and design packs that are available to purchase separately
  • Use plugins and technologies that allow you to leverage social media for sales
  • Your site uses secure payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Stripe and PayPal.
  • A twice-a-week opportunity to learn through the “Ask The Expert” E-commerce training



T-Rex Mega Store Review -LIMITED TIME BONUSES:

trex mega store reviews

A $2,081 Value, Yours FREE During their Launch Promotion

 The ONLY Platform that Creates a Complete E-Commerce Store in a Few Clicks:

Beginner and advanced Facebook Ads training

Value: $1248 = YOURS FREE TODAY

In-order to succeed you must learn how to properly engage your customers through strategically planned and targeted Facebook Ads. As part of this training you will learn how to turn your T-REX store into a money making machine. With our training you will learn the same secrets from the top internet marketers around the world. Without this training, you may end up frustrated and confused as to why your store is not making money. With our specialized training, you will better prepared to compete in this highly fluid environment and we don’t want you to fail. Learn about Ad Copy, Ad placement, split testing and when is the right time to expand your marketing efforts and increase your revenues and more importantly, your profits.


                                                         Access to Private Facebook Members Only group

Value: $1248 = YOURS FREE TODAY

Facebook Ad mastery is tricky. If you are dedicated to  learning as much as you can about it, we encourage you to  join our private Facebook Members Only Group. There you  will be able to collaborate with others who share the same  passion of being successful through Facebook Advertising.  Get in on the FREE information and see what others are  doing that you can include in your own marketing.


Monthly “E-Commerce” webinars

Value: $97/month = YOURS FREE TODAY

Mastermind level courses are for those who have some knowledge but want more. We offer mastermind webinars at no additional cost to help you achieve success!



Monthly specials, new designs, and image packs

Value: $600/month = YOURS FREE TODAY

You have a store and you are getting good at Facebook Advertising but wait, what do you do about designs?! Relax, we got you covered! One of the biggest issues people have is; I’m not an artist, where do I get captivating designs to use for my store? .


BizPAD project management software

1 YEAR VIP Account $1,164 Value = YOURS FREE TODAY

As a T-REX store owner you have FREE access to our unique Project Management software called Biz Pad. This powerful software will allow you to create a project, assign tasks and collaborate with others anywhere in the world to help bring your projects to life in a shorter amount of time than ever before.




Printex drop ship fulfillment account

Value: $1000 = YOURS FREE TODAY

Okay, you have a store, you understand Facebook Ads, you have designs, but wait, where do you find products, who is going to print them, and more importantly, who is going to ship them?! Overwhelming as it can be for most people, as a T-REX client, we have a pre-existing relationship with Printex to help alleviate that headache. With our premier partner Printex, you have a 165,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility as your friend and business partner, all seamlessly integrated into the T-REX platform. HOW COOL IS THAT! In business for over 30 years, Printex can source products, does screen printing, direct to garment printing, embroidery, and full dye sublimation along with pick, pack and fulfillment anywhere in the world!


T-REX  mega store review websites and blogs reveal a bag full of benefits for anyone who wants to start an online business with a little initial investment, and zero web design, coding and product development skills. You just need to have an interest in the industry and choose your niche carefully. Everything else is taken care of by T-REXecom.

You can try out the E-commerce solution without incurring any risk. The solution comes with a 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee. In the rare case that your package will not meet your expectations within the 30 days given, you’ll promptly get a full refund without any questions. So the only thing is left behind on your part after reading this Trex mega store review is to take action and this storefront a try if you want to take your business to the next level.

trex mega store reviews


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