How to make your voice heard in the eCommerce space

Ecommerce is a growing, fast-growing industry and it’s no surprise that many merchants are looking to find a way to make their business more appealing.The ecommerce market is expected to reach $16.7 billion by 2021, and by 2019, the top ecommerce brands will be worth $1.5 trillion.In fact, ecommerce is poised to become the fastest-growing […]

How much does a Wii U game cost?

IGN: The Nintendo Wii U is launching at $299 for the console, while its predecessor, the Wii, costs $399.The new Nintendo system is also the first to launch with a fully 3D-printed plastic shell.You can now also order custom Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons and the new Switch Dock, which doubles as a docking station for the […]

When social commerce fails, businesses must start over

Social commerce is the business model that helped bring new types of businesses to the American marketplace.It’s also the model that may be failing today.For years, social commerce entrepreneurs have been struggling to break into the consumer retail market.Social commerce has always had a hard time finding a strong customer base.And with consumers increasingly willing […]

China’s ecommerce sites get $5M funding to grow

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What’s next for Ecommerce Waste?

What is Ecommerce waste?Ecommerce is a process that involves sending an email, posting a link on social media, or even calling a company.It involves all of these different steps.It is a common issue for many businesses that rely on ecommerce for their business.But, how does waste in Ecommerce impact a business?What is the impact of […]

How to track down the most profitable retailers in the US

What’s your shopping habit?Do you shop on a daily basis, a weekly basis, or more frequently?Here’s how to find the most popular retailers in America.