Recode is reporting that Modul E Commerce, which was created by Apple and was acquired by Amazon last year, will create a new ecommerce store.

The store will be called ModulEcommerce, and it will focus on Apple products and services, and will offer a mix of products and categories.

Modulecommerce is still in its early stages and is currently focusing on the iPhone X, but it will eventually expand to other Apple products, as well.

The announcement was made by Modul Commerce founder and CEO Jason Chen, who also announced ModuliCommerce’s purchase of ecommerce company Amazon earlier this month.

The new store will debut in early 2018, and Modulesources reported that it will be launched on, an ecommerce site that offers a mixture of products from the ecommerce community.

Modular eCommerce is the future of eCommerce and it’s going to help us all stay in touch with our customers.