Dell is expanding its eCommerce business, adding eCommerce, online commerce, and eCommerce platform to its business portfolio.

The company says the expansion will enable it to more effectively meet the needs of its e-commerce customers, as well as those who have already invested in a Dell online store.

The eCommerce product offering will be available for both existing and new customers, and is supported by an eCommerce analytics platform and integrations with other Dell services.

The new eCommerce offering will help the company deliver more than 4 million online shopping experiences in the US and Europe, as it expands to all its customers, Dell said in a blog post announcing the expansion.

Dell said the company also added support for the online payments platform, and will expand the eCommerce experience across its entire portfolio.

“With this new product offering, Dell can continue to meet the increasing demand for our eCommerce products across its portfolio, including eCommerce for Dell and its portfolio partners,” Dell said.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for Dell to deliver on the promise of the cloud.”

Dell, which has a market value of $3.7 trillion, said it’s also adding another $1 billion in new customers.