You might think you’re the best person to be on the dating app, but according to new research, it’s not always that simple.

A new study from the dating service company SurveyMonkey found that just 23 percent of people on dating sites find someone who actually cares about them, and that’s despite people feeling a sense of closeness and comfort on the platform.

“The biggest mistake people make when they get on dating apps is to expect it to be all about them,” study co-author Adam Krawchuk told Vice News.

“And it’s even more frustrating when you’re not even the person you thought you were.”

The study, titled, “Is Online Dating Really About You?,” surveyed 4,924 users from the US and the UK.

The survey also found that people feel connected with other people when they connect with other users on the site, and found that most of those relationships ended up with someone they met online.

However, only 22 percent of those who connected with someone online felt that they truly felt connected to that person, while a mere 15 percent said they felt like the other person truly understood them.

That is, only 7 percent of users said that their online relationship was an effective way to connect with someone.

Krawchuk, who co-authored the study, said that in general, people are more likely to connect on the online dating platform if they are connected to other users, but he believes this is an exception.

“When people are connected, that connection is a little bit more immediate, and the relationship ends in more immediate intimacy,” he said.

“So people tend to be a little more willing to say, ‘Okay, I’m in a better relationship with someone now than I would have been without the online relationship.'”

He also pointed out that people are often more likely than not to make the online connection themselves, and even in the study that surveyed users, a majority said that they had done so in the past.KRAWCHUP is not alone in thinking that online dating sites are not all about you, however.

The study also found a similar number of people feel disconnected with their online dating relationships.

But while the study showed that only 19 percent of respondents on dating websites felt they truly understood each other, 44 percent said that people on the sites genuinely cared about them.

The research also found one thing that many people seem to agree on: It’s difficult to find a genuine connection on dating.

The researchers found that one in five people in the US reported feeling that they either have a lot of friends who they’re in a relationship with, or they have friends they have dated but no longer date.

And one in six people said that online relationships are not the right way to build lasting relationships.KEEP UP WITH THE MOST TRULY ANONYMOUS SOCIAL MEDIA: