The BJP has rejected an extension to the ‘no’ vote on the Amazon India project in the Goods and Services Tax (GST) bill.

The opposition Congress has also said it will oppose the extension, with finance minister Arun Jaitley adding that the Government will seek the support of the Opposition to pass the bill.

The GST Council has been deliberating on the GST Bill for nearly two years now, with its recommendations expected by the end of the month.

The Council’s deliberations have been criticised by the Congress, which has alleged that the Centre’s proposal was too ambitious and will hurt the economy and the environment.

The opposition is also concerned that the GST Council is not set up to address the needs of consumers, while multinationals will get a large slice of the tax revenues from it.

Earlier this week, Finance Minister Arunjait Singh told reporters that the extension of the GST bill will not affect the Centre.

The government has, however, said it wants to continue to work on the bill for two years.

“This is an extension of existing legislation.

We have given the nod to the GST council for two-year deliberations.

There is no need to go ahead with it for another two years,” Singh said.

BJP says ‘no-objection’ to extensionThe Congress has asked the GST Commission to consider the concerns raised by the opposition and provide a response on the issue.

The Opposition, however has questioned the delay, claiming that the proposed extension was rushed to get the GST Act passed before the deadline for the passage of the budget, which was not agreed to.

In its first meeting on Wednesday, the GST Parliament Committee had said the government had decided to give a nod to this extension.

The BJP had argued that the time for this decision was not well-timed and that the bill had been rushed to pass before the Budget Session.

The Congress had asked the Prime Minister to give its nod on the matter and it has said that it will vote in favour of the extension if the bill passes the House of Parliament.

However, the government has said the bill will be sent to the Lok Sabha, which is yet to meet.

The GST Commission will hold a discussion on the extension on Thursday, and will hold another discussion on Saturday.

The finance minister said the GST is a law, and the Congress will not support the extension.

India is expected to receive a revenue of around Rs 2,400 crore ($3.9 billion) in tax revenue from Amazon India, according to a report by the US-based tax consultancy CB Insights.

The bill has been tabled in the House, where the government is expected have a majority.