The Australian Financial Regulator has recommended Google Cardboards be banned as a way to reduce tax evasion.

The agency has also recommended retailers make it easier to register customers using the devices.

The ACCC said Google Cardbans could be used to avoid paying GST on goods.

“It could be useful to make the payment easier for people who don’t have a bank account or a credit card and are more likely to make a small payment using Cardboard or similar devices,” ACCC chair Andrew Lloyd-Simpson said in a statement.

It also recommended the ACCC consider charging customers for using Cardboards.

Cardboard has a wide variety of functions and is also used by children and people with autism.

It has been adopted by several countries including China and Brazil.

Google has been criticised for making it more difficult for businesses to register with the ACCI.

Last year, the ACC said the company had failed to provide enough information on its website and in the app.

Its chairman said Google should remove the feature and said the ACC was considering how to address the issue.

The ABC contacted Google Australia for comment.