It’s an odd world.

You might be thinking about ecommerce companies like Amazon and eBay, but it’s also a world of big retailers like Walmart, Target and Target.

So what’s the point of talking about e-commerce if you can’t name a single retailer?

That’s what ecommerce entrepreneur Dan Pincus wants to change with the launch of his startup eCommerce Startup, which allows companies to build websites that sell goods or services directly from their stores.

Pincushion, which is based in Seattle, has raised $2 million in seed funding.

The company, which he says has more than 100 employees, hopes to become a hub for online sales and commerce, a way to connect businesses in an ever-growing digital landscape.

“It’s not just a business, it’s a platform,” Pincuses co-founder and CEO Mark LeCoultre said.

“I think we’re on the cusp of a lot of really big things for commerce.”

Pincuss is an expert on how the Internet works.

He has worked at eBay for 20 years, and at Amazon for six.

His goal with eCommerce is to make it as easy to do business online as it is to do on a physical shelf.

“Ecommerce is not the place to get in to,” he said.

You have to have a physical location.

It’s a place where people go to shop.

“There are two kinds of ecommerce: a physical store and a digital store,” he explained.

The physical store is the physical location where you actually buy things and sell them.

“You don’t want to go to a warehouse or a warehouse and then do something in the warehouse, because that takes a long time,” PINCUS said.

A digital store is a place like Amazon, where people order items online, and you ship the items back to their physical location, usually in the same day.

This is where a lot people store their stuff.

“The physical store gives you a location to do it, but you don’t have to go there,” he added.

“Because there’s a physical physical store, there’s no need for you to go out and do it yourself.”

There are also plenty of ways to make your business easier to get online.

You can use technology to get your products delivered to your customers’ door.

You may have a mobile app that allows you to sell products on the go.

“People have the ability to get things delivered right now, or they can just go to Amazon and get their stuff,” he noted.

“Or they can use a service like Amazon Prime.

You could do a mobile application and have all of your stuff delivered, right there, to your doorstep.”

That kind of ease of use can also be a huge advantage for the average business, because if people are online, they can be able to shop for goods in-store, or to buy them online.

And if you’re an ecommerce company that’s selling something online, you can actually get some of that online traffic.

“If you have an e-shop, there are a lot more people coming to your store for their product than there are going to be people coming for your product,” Pince said.

He added that you could also sell a product online through a website that lets you create your own catalog.

“So if you sell your clothes online, then you can also sell your furniture online,” he continued.

PINCUSE said that it’s very difficult to sell your products online and that most people aren’t even aware that there is a physical outlet for their goods.

He explained that a lot companies have created a storefront for their products, but that most of the people who visit the store aren’t interested in purchasing your product.

“A lot of people don’t even realize that they’re actually selling their product, and that you can go and buy it from there,” P INCUS said, pointing out that many companies that have storefronts do not have online storefronts.

“And I think a lot [people] just don’t realize that their products are available for sale on the website,” he concluded.

“That’s why so many people don-t realize that the physical space is the place for that, and the online space is not.”

PINCUSHION is focused on making it easier for people to sell and purchase their goods online.

“Online sales have always been really popular, and there are more people online now than there were a decade ago,” he pointed out.

“But the online retail market is growing exponentially, and it’s really difficult for retailers to compete with that growth.”

P INCUSE said he was inspired to create eCommerce startup after his wife passed away.

“Her passing left me with two young daughters,” he recalled.

“They’re two very young kids, and she was a big part of their lives.”

He said that as he was working on his business, he felt a need to give back