It’s not just the Apple icon on the back cover.

Most ebook sellers don’t have to.

They can create a “pay what you want” option and give users a discount.

Amazon’s Kindle eReader, for instance, offers a $0.99 shipping price with a 30-day free trial, and the $99 Kindle Fire HDX offers a 25 percent discount if you’re a Prime member.

But those discounts can be applied to a wide variety of ebook offerings, including a wide range of popular titles, like The Hobbit, The Martian, The Last of Us, and other titles that have become big sellers.

How to Sell an eBook without the iTunes Logo The best way to make sure your ebook is not in violation of copyright is to not use the Apple or iTunes logos.

If you do use the logo, it will be a little less conspicuous.

If your ebook isn’t selling, your publisher has the option to remove the copyright notice and/or remove the book from sale.

You can do this by adding the following line to your ePublishing software: eBooksellers may not use trademarks or logos, including logos of their affiliates or other third parties.

This notice will be removed at the publisher’s discretion.

For example, a publisher might choose to remove its Apple ePublish program from sale, or add a section to its website about the Kindle EReader to notify buyers that they need to purchase a physical copy of their book.

You also might be able to remove your Apple logo from the title page.

Amazon has a tool that you can use to remove or add the Apple trademark from your ebook title.

The tool will display a warning that it is available to download.

After it downloads, it can be installed on your computer.

When you use the tool, Amazon will remove the Apple brand from your title page, which will appear in your eBookseller’s title field.

You will be able see that your book has been removed from sale without a notice or a notice from Amazon.

You’ll also see a list of the books in your library that you’re selling that you don’t sell.

You should also remove the name from the titles in your catalogue and from your eBookstore.

You may be able remove the Amazon brand from the name of a title in your eShop.

You might also be able request that Amazon remove your title from the Amazon search results.

You’re not required to remove it from Amazon’s catalogue, however, and you should be able take advantage of Amazon’s removal tool to make a bid for the title in the future.

For instance, if you use a Kindle ereader to sell a book, Amazon might suggest you make a deal to get the title back from the retailer.