A new tool that allows businesses to see their sales on the ecommerce marketplace Marketplace has been launched by Croatia on Wednesday.

The site, called Ecommerce Clickfunnel , allows users to see the number of orders they have placed and the average price per order.

It’s the first of its kind in the EU, and it has attracted support from retailers such as Gap, Zara, and ShopRite.

The tool is free to use, but there are additional options for advertisers, such as an in-store campaign, that can be bought for a small fee.

Users can also track their own orders and see which ones have gone up in value, with a detailed breakdown of each order.

It’s not clear when the site will go live.

But it will be available from Tuesday and is likely to have a bigger impact on the European market than the e-commerce giant has anticipated.

Croatia’s new platform is similar to those already used in other countries, including in Canada and New Zealand.

For example, ShopRites is currently the world’s largest e-retailer, but its ecommerce sales volume has been smaller than the sales volume of the EU’s biggest e-shopping site, e-bay.