The eCommerce marketplace is full of new entrants, including e-commerce companies like Groove, which is hoping to capitalize on the growing interest in the music industry.

The Groove service offers users the ability to purchase music for sale through the Groove Music app on Apple, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Store.

Groove uses data from major music labels to analyze music sales and offer users a way to earn money from streaming services, which can also be purchased on Spotify or

Groove is currently offering customers the option to stream music from its Groove Mobile app.

It also offers music streaming through the Spotify Mobile app, which also is compatible with Spotify Premium.

Grove is currently accepting payments via credit cards and PayPal, which are both accepted by Apple, Microsoft and Google.

Grooveshark, a music streaming service based in Los Angeles, recently acquired Grooveshack, which launched in August.

Groovisheark offers users access to a large library of music and music video streams, along with links to other sites and services.

Grooves service is available for free on both Apple and Android devices, and is currently being offered in the US and Canada.

The service is also available for download through Groove’s Groove Store app on iOS.

Grooves mobile app is compatible for both iOS and Android.

In October, Google announced its partnership with Amazon to offer Prime Music for Android devices.

The deal gives Google access to Prime Music subscribers who subscribe to Amazon Prime.

Google also announced its purchase of Groovishark in April.

Grovishark is currently available for $9.99 per month, and includes access to more than 1 million tracks.

The Apple App Store is also in the midst of an expansion, with the launch of the iPhone X, which Apple said will be the world’s first Apple-powered smartphone.

The iPhone X will be available starting at the end of March, and the company is working with a variety of partners to roll out additional iPhone-compatible apps over the coming months.

The iPhone X has an OLED display, so it has an increased resolution of 5.7 inches (16.7 centimeters), making it the thinnest iPhone yet, according to the company.

The device also supports FaceTime HD video calls, which makes it the first phone to support FaceTime for video calls.

The new iPhone X is available now.