The NFL Draft is set to take place in Chicago, and the league has opened up the process for any fan in the country to submit a cover letter and submit to the draft board.

The process is designed to help draft prospects develop their skills and knowledge of the game.

For the first time, fans are eligible to submit covers and submit an essay for consideration for the NFLPA’s next National Player of the Year Award.

For the first 20 players on the board, ESPN has an online submission portal that will take fans directly to the selection meeting for the selection of the player they wish to interview.

The online portal will give fans a chance to meet with the player and learn about his/her background, personal and professional aspirations.

There are a number of ways to submit an interview cover letter:By calling the NFL Draft board at 888-828-7737 (and using the #NFLDraft hashtag) and asking the following questions:Why would you like to interview with the #NHLDraft?

When and where will the interview take place?

When will you receive your cover letter?

When can you expect to be interviewed?

Why do you want to interview?

What will you be wearing?

What is your preferred subject matter?

What are you looking for in a teammate?

Where are you from?

How long have you been in the United States?

Who are your heroes?

Where do you live?

Who do you work with?

Who does your father/aunt/mom/sister/brother/grandmother/uncle/niece/friend/co-worker/grandpa/coffee table/board/housekeeper/pet/dog/puppy/cute/lover/daddy/daughters/daughter/son/daughter/son-in-law/grandchild/pet)Who is your coach?

Who is the GM?

Who would you interview?

How would you describe your personality?

What skills do you possess that would be of interest to the NFL?

How do you plan to handle your family?

Are you an active or former NFL player?

If you are, why?

What would you ask of the NFL draft team?

What advice would you give to the player?

What can I do to make the interview more interesting?

Do you have any other questions or suggestions?

The NBA Draft takes place July 25-28, 2020.

The NFL draft board will select three players for the 2018 NBA draft.

The NBA Draft has a cap of 16 players and the top pick is protected for the first four years of the contract.