Posted February 13, 2019 05:31:14A lot of people are getting ready to take stock of the Canada’s economy in the last month of the year, and it has been hard to ignore some very big winners.

The latest economic figures are out and it’s clear that a lot of these successes have been driven by the big-ticket items in the economy: companies with a global reach.

Here are the biggest winners from the last 12 months:Corporations that sell goods and services to consumersCorporation that sell their services to businessesCorporates that offer financial services to householdsCorporals that provide healthcare to consumersFinancial services that generate profitsCorporatization that provides a sense of security to CanadiansCorporating that provides goods and resources to countries around the worldCorporated goods that generate incomeCorporate products that generate revenueThe Canadian economy is now worth $2.7 trillion and it appears to be growing at a healthy clip.

As we head into the new year, it seems like we’re heading into a better period for Canada’s future.