The iPhone 5S is the flagship of Apple’s smartphone line-up and it’s no slouch in terms of performance.

But if you want to get the most out of your new handset, we’ve put together a list of the best mobile phones to buy, whether you’re a budding smartphone nerd or an experienced smartphone user.

Read moreRead moreThe iPhone 5 is the biggest iPhone ever, and it was the biggest phone Apple had ever released.

It was released back in 2007 and its success was so great that it was hailed as a major milestone.

But in the intervening years it has struggled to find its footing.

There have been multiple upgrades and releases of the iPhone 5.

But there has been no iPhone 5 that’s truly as great as the 5S, and even the iPhone 4S has struggled in recent years.

So, let’s take a look at the best phones to get you started.1.

iPhone 5s: A superb upgrade over the 5CThis upgrade from the 5 to the 5 is a step forward for the iPhone brand.

It’s one of the first phones to bring the latest features to the iPhone and to the iPad.

In addition, it’s the first iPhone to support the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

And, in addition to the new features, it adds a huge upgrade over its predecessor.

The 5s is the new flagship of the brand.

But it’s not the only iPhone to feature the 5s.

There are also a couple of iPhone 6 models and an iPhone 6S model.

There’s even an iPhone 5X in the family.

The iPhone series also includes the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

So what’s the difference between a 5s and 5C?

The biggest difference is that the 5 has a thinner bezel, and the 5 also has a larger screen.

The screen is also bigger, thanks to the higher resolution, which can be seen in the picture above.

The iPhone 6 is the iPhone’s biggest phone to date, and has the same camera and a higher resolution display as the iPhone.

It also has some new features.

For example, it has an ambient light sensor and a low-light sensor, which is one of its biggest improvements.

The Apple Watch has been updated to support Siri, as well as FaceTime calls and calls for Siri.

But the new iPhone is the only phone to have a dual camera setup, and that means you can take photos while using the phone and then use the photo to capture video.

So is the 5 a better smartphone?


But you can also tell the difference from the 6 by the difference in color.

The 6 is more vibrant, has a deeper shade of green and a bigger contrast, making it easier to tell the phone apart.

The new camera and higher resolution can help the iPhone stand out, and also make it stand out even more.

It can also be used to take photos when the ambient light is low, which makes it stand better out in low light.

So the 5 doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the new iPad, but it’s still a very capable phone.

The iPad has also been upgraded with a few features that make it easier for people to use.

For instance, Apple has added a new feature called Face ID, which allows users to create a unique number to use with Apple Pay and Apple Pay for iTunes purchases.

But, because Apple Pay is still a few years away, the feature hasn’t yet been rolled out.

Read moreSo what is the difference if you are a new user?

If you are just getting into the iPhone market, the 5 might be a better option than the 6.

It will be cheaper, and there’s less of a learning curve.

If you want a smartphone that has all the features that you want and is going to be useful for you, then you should buy the iPhone series.

If your goal is to upgrade your smartphone, the 6 is a better choice.

It is a great upgrade and should make it easy to upgrade.2.

iPhone 6: The best phone in the seriesApple has made a series of phones since the iPhone debuted.

But no series has come close to the Apple 6.

The series that started with the iPhone 2 has lasted the longest and is the one Apple is best known for.

This is due to the fact that it’s one the most popular phones in the world.

Apple also made a new iPhone model called the iPhone SE.

But because of the size of the device, it was only released in September of last year.

In September, Apple announced that it would be releasing the iPhone 8, which was unveiled in November.

So it was a big deal for Apple.

The 8 is the most expensive iPhone yet, with an all-new design.

The phone comes with a 16-megapixel camera, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a fingerprint sensor, and wireless charging.

The 5S and 6S are both great phones that will satisfy many iPhone users.

They’re both well-built, and