The Trump administration has denied a claim by a trade group that China has violated international law in its trade practices, in a response to the group’s allegations that the United States is “unfairly” punishing its trading partners for the trade deficits.

The trade group, the American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on Thursday accused President Donald Trump’s administration of “stonewalling” its claims.

The statement came hours after the Commerce Department denied a petition by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, which represents the interests of the automotive, auto parts, aircraft, aircraft parts and construction trades.

The petition argued that “China has taken advantage of the United Kingdom’s WTO membership to restrict imports of parts and parts components to the United State,” and “has done so with the sole purpose of causing harm to U.S. industry.”

The U.K. has been among the world’s largest exporters of aviation parts, and it has been accused of engaging in unfair trade practices against the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty.

The group’s response, sent to reporters by the White House, noted that the Commerce Secretary “is committed to a fair, transparent and reciprocal trade policy that supports the American workers of this country.”

The chamber’s statement did not cite any examples of China’s unfair trade.

The United States has been criticized by the WTO for restricting the import of certain types of aircraft parts, such as wings and landing gear.

Trump has also said he will renegotiate the U,S.

trade agreement with the U., and his administration has been critical of the trade deal, which he says has hurt U.M. industries and made the U more competitive.

The chamber, a trade organization, said it is concerned about the U-S.

Trade Representative’s continued attempts to undermine trade negotiations by “sabotaging” efforts to reach a new agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the multilateral trade deal between 12 Pacific Rim countries.

“The Trump administration should reject the Chamber’s disingenuous claims that China is ‘unfair’ in its treatment of U.