By Steve KingThe UK has the world’s biggest retailing market and Dell is one of the biggest companies in the industry.

Dell sells computers, monitors and other electronics.

It has a huge ecommerce empire, and has invested heavily in its ecommerce business, but it is a struggling retailer.

Dell recently introduced its latest product, the Dell E300 desktop, a machine that costs £1,200.

But the price is a significant drop from the £1.5m the company paid for the first model of the E300.

But Dell is now offering a free upgrade for those who buy the new E300 for £1m, a deal which can be easily extended.

I found out more about the deal via the BBC Sport website, and was able to speak to a representative for Dell.

He also confirmed that a free Dell Ecommerce upgrade would be available to customers on an annual basis, starting at £2,000. “

Dell’s pricing and shipping will remain the same on all Dell products, including the new Dell E301 which is our highest-performing laptop.”

He also confirmed that a free Dell Ecommerce upgrade would be available to customers on an annual basis, starting at £2,000.

I asked him what was going to happen with the price of the new laptop.

He said: “Dollards price will remain unchanged.

The new Dell products are priced competitively with Apple products and are priced similarly to the new MacBook Pro models which are currently on sale in the UK.” 

How much will it cost?

I asked if the new models would cost the same.

He confirmed that they would cost £1k to £2k cheaper than the E301.

He also said that the new laptops would not be compatible with the Dell XPS 15 and the Dell Precision 10. 

What are the differences between the Dell eCommerce and Dell Retail channels?

Dell ecommerce is a Dell website which is available to all.

Dell Retail is a direct line from Dell to its customers, including on the website.

There is no need to buy a Dell e commerce subscription, as the products are available for purchase at Dell’s online stores and at its online stores. 

Where do I find Dell ECommerce and what does it offer?

The Dell e Commerce channel offers Dell products and services, including a range of Dell software, including Windows, Windows Server, Windows 7 and Windows 8, and a range.

Dell e retail offers products and a broad range of services including Dell hardware, Dell software and Dell accessories, including Dell computers, Dell peripherals and Dell printers. 

How do I get a free one-off Dell eShop upgrade?

The free Dell e Shop upgrade will be available on an annually-or-bundled basis to anyone who purchases a Dell product.

This means that, if you buy a new Dell laptop, you can upgrade to a new one at no extra cost.

You can also upgrade to the latest version of the Dell Store at no additional cost, for £300, but the new version of that store will be free for a limited time. 

Do I need to be a Dell member to get the Dell upgrade?

No, you do not need to have a Dell membership to get this offer. 

Can I get free Dell Store upgrades?

Yes, you will need to apply for and be approved for a free account, and the free Dell Shop upgrade offer will be included in your account details. 

Does the Dell offer work with the Amazon Echo?


You may be able to purchase Dell products through Amazon as well. 

When can I expect the new machines to go on sale?

The new machines will go on general sale on 27 February, but they will only be available for sale for a couple of weeks.

The price drops are due to the UK government’s new restrictions on importing electronic goods from the EU, and there is also the possibility of the EU imposing import duties on products from the UK. 

Why isn’t Dell offering a Dell store upgrade?

Because the new products are now designed for the Dell store and the UK has been one of Dell’s biggest competitors. 

Is there a discount for getting an Ecommerce deal?

Yes there is.

But this is a very limited offer and it will not extend to the rest of the world. 

Dell will be introducing a free product upgrade programme on the Dell website to all customers. 

Will the Dell stores still be open on 24 February? 


Dell stores will remain open throughout the UK until further notice. 

Are there other discounts or promotions to get for Dell customers? 

There is no other Dell store discount or promotion. 

 Do you know if the UK is still in the European Union?

Yes indeed.