Posted October 03, 2018 07:21:08With the economy in shambles and the jobless rate in the double digits, some retailers are finding it difficult to keep their online business alive.

They’re trying to cut costs and keep their products and services competitive with competing online platforms.

But some businesses have taken a gamble and are offering a virtual reality experience to their customers.

Online shopping site ecommerce platform Shopify has offered a virtual shopping experience for a few months now, offering shoppers a virtual “tour of the site”, which can be used to make shopping decisions.

Online retailing platform Amazon is offering similar experiences in its online marketplace Prime Now.

Amazon is currently testing its virtual shopping experiences on a limited basis in some markets, with the retailer offering customers a “touring” of its online store in New York and a virtual tour of its warehouse in California.

It is unclear if this virtual shopping is a virtual experience or if it will be a regular part of the shopping experience on Amazon’s online platform.

A spokesperson for Amazon told the Irish Times that the company “is exploring the use of virtual shopping in different parts of the world” to explore how customers might be able to find goods or services that might be less expensive or time-consuming to find.

“In this case, Amazon is testing our own Amazon Prime Now experience,” the spokesperson said.

“We have always focused on delivering a great shopping experience with the lowest prices.

However, as Amazon has seen with Prime Now, it is possible to find items that are a bit more expensive, time-sensitive and/or have special offers available.”

To offer this experience to our customers, we are experimenting with offering this experience as a tour of Amazon’s fulfillment center in California, which is a larger fulfillment center and will also offer more value to our Prime members.

“Online retailer MyFitnessPal also offers virtual shopping, offering a tour through its fitness hub in New Zealand.

Users can tour the fitness center and make a shopping decision using the MyFinance app, which was recently launched for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

MyFinance offers shopping experiences through MyFidelity, which provides its customers with financial planning and insurance solutions.”

It is not the most exciting experience but it will help them make decisions on a number of items that they might need.”