Newsweek’s March 2017 cover story on the retailing juggernaut Amazon, featuring an Amazon employee giving a sales pitch to the press, has been removed from the website.

The article, which featured Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos speaking in a live video to the New York Times, has since been removed.

In an email, Amazon spokesperson Liz Stryker said the article was removed “due to a number of concerns about the tone and content.”

Amazon has been embroiled in a political storm after a number recent reports indicated that the company had made millions of dollars off of its retail sales, which were reportedly inflated by false ads.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the removal. 

Amazon has been criticized for not only its high-volume, low-quality retailing, but also for its lack of transparency about the numbers it’s pulling in.

The company has been accused of paying workers less than minimum wage and refusing to release tax returns to the public.