What you need to know about the global food industry:By the numbers:1.

The average US CEO makes $2.6 million.2.

The top 25 U.S. food companies generate $11.5 billion in revenue per year.3.

The annual profit of the top food companies is about $1.4 trillion.4.

In 2019, the top 100 U. S. food and beverage companies made an average of $17.2 billion in profits, according to data from data firm Euromonitor.5.

The U.K.’s food industry has been the fastest-growing food industry in the world for the past three years, with an estimated annual growth rate of 9.1% in 2019.6.

The world’s largest food company by sales has been NestlĂ©, with $2 billion revenue in 2019 and nearly 3 million employees.7.

The global food market is expected to be worth $20 trillion by 2025, according the International Monetary Fund.8.

U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that $11 trillion is spent annually on food in developing countries, with about two-thirds of the money spent on food aid and a third on agriculture.9.

The United States, which has the highest per capita consumption of any developed nation, spends less on food than almost any other country.10.

Food costs $1,700 per year in the U. K. and $1 a month in China.11.

Food-producing nations account for half of all greenhouse gas emissions in the global economy.12.

The richest countries have the highest incomes per capita.