Which social commerce platforms are worth the effort?

TechCrunch – The following are the top 20 social commerce sites for businesses to start using: 1.Google – The search engine giant has announced a partnership with Facebook to allow its products to be used on the social media platform.2.Shopify – The online retailer has announced its latest version of its marketplace for businesses, with […]

Dell’s eCommerce sales plummet by more than 40%

Dell has announced a sharp decline in its ecommerce sales as it seeks to shift away from Amazon and Google, with a loss of nearly 40% of its online sales.Dell said its online business had a sales decline of 32.7% for the three months to March 31, down from a peak of 37.9% in June […]

How to win your online shopping battle with Google, Amazon, and Ebay

The best online retailers and online shopping portals will soon be able to compete against Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.But not everyone will be able afford to join them.The best online retail sites are those that allow you to buy directly from your own stores, instead of the stores that you buy from.In fact, it is […]

China’s new ‘Made in China’ label comes with new costs

China has launched its “Made in the World” label, which promises to make everything from smartphones to furniture and apparel more environmentally friendly.But what does it mean for the world’s largest economy, and how will it affect the consumer market?Here are the key questions.For the moment, the label is only available for certain products, like […]

How to pay with Bitcoins, a guide to buying, selling and exchanging them

e commerce Wikipedia The digital currency Bitcoin has been gaining popularity in recent years, with the price of a single bitcoin rising from about $500 to as much as $1,200 per coin.The first major bitcoin exchanges opened in the United States in 2013.But the currency’s adoption in India has been slow.Many Indians have used Bitcoins […]

How to sell on eBay without being a scammer

FourFourThree: How to make your eBay listing look legit article FourThree: Why you shouldn’t buy on eBay, and the truth behind some of the biggest scams in the history of the internet article FourFive: Why are you selling on eBay?We’ll explain.

Why we can’t judge Amazon by how it sells its products

It’s easy to make a case that Amazon has become a major player in ecommerce, selling hundreds of millions of products on its site every day.But that doesn’t mean that Amazon is making billions of dollars in profit from each sale.What is clear is that Amazon’s dominance is a significant part of the story.We’ve put […]

When is the new Apple Watch not coming?

The Apple Watch may be the first smartwatch to be announced at WWDC 2018, but that hasn’t stopped us from speculating on its future.Apple Watch is expected to debut at WWD 2018 in June and the company has hinted that it will introduce two new models this year, one a watch with a smaller, sportier […]

U.S. Commerce Department: We’re doing everything we can to encourage U.K. shoppers to shop in U.H.S.-controlled territory

Commerce Department Director Michael Froman told lawmakers Wednesday that he has instructed all federal agencies to urge British shoppers to “make sure you’re not going to find any products that have been imported.”In a speech to the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday, Froman noted that he and his U.k. counterpart, David Davis, have worked closely […]

What are the top 5 ecommerce sites for healthcare?

Health and beauty products are among the fastest growing categories for ecommerce, according to a new report from ecommerce analytics firm ecommerce-marketing. In 2018, ecommerce accounted for 21% of the global market, up from 13% in 2017, according the report by ecommerce marketing company ecommerce platform eCommerceMarketplace. The company also revealed that ecommerce accounts for just 4% […]