Commerce Department Director Michael Froman told lawmakers Wednesday that he has instructed all federal agencies to urge British shoppers to “make sure you’re not going to find any products that have been imported.”

In a speech to the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday, Froman noted that he and his U.k. counterpart, David Davis, have worked closely with the U and British governments to try to promote U.s. and U.khans brands.

Froman said that while the U is committed to its own trade agreement with the United Kingdom, the U, in its relationship with Britain, “must be very cautious and watchful.”

Froman also noted that the U government has been working with the British government on “trade protection.”

“We’ve made sure that we have a very high level of engagement and understanding,” Froman said.

“But what we do know is that we must also be very, very careful about what we sell.”

Froma has said that he expects the U to agree to the terms of a future free trade agreement.

Davis has said the U has not finalized its own negotiating position, and the U had hoped to conclude an agreement with British officials by the end of next year.