The Apple Watch may be the first smartwatch to be announced at WWDC 2018, but that hasn’t stopped us from speculating on its future.

Apple Watch is expected to debut at WWD 2018 in June and the company has hinted that it will introduce two new models this year, one a watch with a smaller, sportier design, and the other a sportier watch with an all-new display.

The new watch will be priced at $349 and will be available for preorder at retailers including Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Resellers.

If you are one of the lucky people who already preordered a Watch, we know you are anxious to see what the new model will look like.

Here’s what you need to know about it and how it could affect the market.1.

It’s a sporty watch with all-New DisplayWe are all familiar with the Apple Watch’s new display, but its predecessor was also a sport watch.

While it’s not quite as large as the new Watch Sport, the new watch has a much more comfortable curved display that lets you read more easily, but is still slightly smaller than the previous model.

The watch is powered by the same 8-inch, 3840 x 2160 display found in the Apple Watches Sport and Watch Series 2, so you can expect it to look similar to the Sport or Series 2.2.

It won’t be cheapThis model is a more expensive watch to buy, but it will offer you a better experience in a sport-focused market.

The Apple watch will offer the most customizable features in the sport-inspired Apple Watch lineup, like dual-band support and customizable notifications.

This watch is priced at around $999, which makes it more affordable than the Watch Sport or Watch Series 1, but the price is still more than some of the best sports watches on the market, like the Pebble or the Apple iWatch.3.

It will feature more apps and apps supportApple is known for offering lots of new apps for its Watch lineup and this is no different.

The Watch Series 3 is expected with more apps, including Apple Music, Apple News, and many others.

This new model of the Watch will be powered by Android Wear, which is more than most other smartwatches out there.

You can also expect a smart home app, a fitness tracker, and some smart apps for the Apple Pay service.4.

It’ll be available in select cities Apple has partnered with cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago to make the Apple watch available in a number of locations, including major airports, malls, and other public spaces.

In addition to cities, you will be able to find the Watch Series 5, which will have an even bigger display.5.

It might have a new watch bandIt is rumored that the AppleWatch will come with a new, more robust band, but we don’t know for sure if it will be a sport band or a non-wristband model.

We do know that it is not the same watch band as the Apple Band, which was released earlier this year.

Instead, the Watch 5 will have a strap-like design that fits around your wrist.6.

It has a curved displayLike all of Apple’s watches, the Applewatch Series 5 will feature a curved screen that will be made from a flexible plastic called sapphire crystal.

Apple has also promised that the new models will come in two colors, which could mean that it has chosen a color for the band rather than one of its existing shades.7.

It comes in two color optionsThe Apple Watch Series 4 was the first watch that was a sports watch, so it was one of those that came with a watch band, which made it a sports model.

But there was a complication that came standard with the watch band.

This complication was known as a Digital Crown, which allowed the user to set the display to different colors or different functions, and it has been a standard feature for smartwares since the iPhone.

The Series 5 has a different color, called saffron.

This is a much darker shade of saffon, so if you don’t wear a lot of colors in your life, it may be a bit of a missed opportunity.8.

It doesn’t have a touchscreenIt’s possible that the first generation Apple Watch won’t have an actual touchscreen, as that would mean you’d have to hold it with two hands and use the iPhone or Android Wear app to interact with the screen.

But Apple says that it plans to include a touchscreen in the new Series 5 so that you can use your wrist as a controller.9.

It may have a bigger displayThe new model doesn’t yet have a large display, so the first look at the Apple Apple Watch will come from its large screen, which can be up to 3.4 inches in size.

Apple also claims