China has launched its “Made in the World” label, which promises to make everything from smartphones to furniture and apparel more environmentally friendly.

But what does it mean for the world’s largest economy, and how will it affect the consumer market?

Here are the key questions.

For the moment, the label is only available for certain products, like phones, which will be manufactured in the country.

But it promises to offer a broader range of products.

As of April 2018, China is the world top exporter of electronic goods and components, and one of the world leaders in the production of LCD displays.

So the company says that it will produce products that are 100 percent recycled and sustainably sourced.

China’s electronics and mobile industry has seen an explosion of investment in recent years, and the country is expected to overtake the U.S. in the next few years.

The company says it is also making investments in green energy.

It says that the products made by China will be “made in the cleanest and most sustainable way,” which is important to the country’s environment.

“We believe that China is one of only three countries where green technology has reached the world market,” the company said.

China’s new “Made In China” label will be launched at the Beijing Expo Center in April 2019.