Dell has announced a sharp decline in its ecommerce sales as it seeks to shift away from Amazon and Google, with a loss of nearly 40% of its online sales.

Dell said its online business had a sales decline of 32.7% for the three months to March 31, down from a peak of 37.9% in June 2016.

“Our digital ecommerce business has been suffering for the past three quarters,” Dell said in a statement.

“We’ve seen a reduction in our online business, which has led to a drop in the percentage of online orders we can fulfill and, consequently, a reduction of our revenue.”

Dell said it had to focus on the “critical business” of ecommerce, which includes online sales and the provision of online services, such as payments, to its online businesses.

“With the launch of the Dell Online Business, we are focused on providing our customers with value online through a suite of solutions, such that they can continue to have the fastest and most reliable shopping experience,” Dell wrote in a blog post.

Dell has been investing heavily in its online services in the past few years, and last month it announced that it had sold more than $5 billion in cloud-computing software, including its Cloud Foundry platform, which makes it possible for companies to build cloud-based software for cloud-hosted websites.