TechCrunch – The following are the top 20 social commerce sites for businesses to start using: 1.

Google – The search engine giant has announced a partnership with Facebook to allow its products to be used on the social media platform.


Shopify – The online retailer has announced its latest version of its marketplace for businesses, with an improved design and more features.


Amazon – Amazon is taking a big step towards making its ecommerce platform more accessible to all users.


Baidu – Baidus online shopping platform allows customers to buy products directly from sellers using its platform.


ShopRunner – ShopRunner allows shoppers to shop with their friends, and it has also launched its own store to offer exclusive deals and offers.


Amazon Prime – Amazon Prime members can enjoy free two-day shipping for orders up to $99, with free two weeks of Prime memberships for orders of $99 or more.


Etsy – Etsy is adding a third-party payment option to its marketplace.


Zendesk – Zendessk, the online marketplace for developers, has launched a new tool that lets them add a virtual storefront to their website.


Shoplift – Shoplift lets users order goods on Amazon and the eBay platform for a limited time.


Zappos – Zappovos has introduced an automated ordering feature to its website that allows sellers to order their products for their customers.

11. – The e-commerce site has added a new way to make payments through PayPal.


Shopkick – Shopkick lets customers pay with Bitcoin and credit cards, and has also introduced a new app to make online purchases with that digital currency.


ShopPay – ShopPay lets customers order products using PayPal and credit or debit cards.


ShopBuddy – ShopBuddys app lets customers use PayPal, credit or credit cards and make payments with Amazon Payments.


ShopMe – ShopMe lets customers buy and sell products using their smartphones and online.


ShopMogul – ShopMoga has launched an online shopping app for mobile phones, tablets and computers.


ShopUp – ShopUp lets customers place orders through a web portal.

18. – Bazaar has launched its new e-tailer, which allows customers and merchants to buy, sell and exchange goods in a single place.


Fulfillment by Amazon – Fulfilled by Amazon is adding Amazon Prime to its platform, allowing customers to save up to 20% off on orders.


Zazzle – Zazzles has announced plans to add its own ecommerce portal, which will include a shopping cart.