Dell’s eCommerce sales plummet by more than 40%

Dell has announced a sharp decline in its ecommerce sales as it seeks to shift away from Amazon and Google, with a loss of nearly 40% of its online sales.Dell said its online business had a sales decline of 32.7% for the three months to March 31, down from a peak of 37.9% in June […]

How to win your online shopping battle with Google, Amazon, and Ebay

The best online retailers and online shopping portals will soon be able to compete against Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.But not everyone will be able afford to join them.The best online retail sites are those that allow you to buy directly from your own stores, instead of the stores that you buy from.In fact, it is […]

How to sell on eBay without being a scammer

FourFourThree: How to make your eBay listing look legit article FourThree: Why you shouldn’t buy on eBay, and the truth behind some of the biggest scams in the history of the internet article FourFive: Why are you selling on eBay?We’ll explain.

U.S. Commerce Department: We’re doing everything we can to encourage U.K. shoppers to shop in U.H.S.-controlled territory

Commerce Department Director Michael Froman told lawmakers Wednesday that he has instructed all federal agencies to urge British shoppers to “make sure you’re not going to find any products that have been imported.”In a speech to the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday, Froman noted that he and his U.k. counterpart, David Davis, have worked closely […]

What are the top 5 ecommerce sites for healthcare?

Health and beauty products are among the fastest growing categories for ecommerce, according to a new report from ecommerce analytics firm ecommerce-marketing. In 2018, ecommerce accounted for 21% of the global market, up from 13% in 2017, according the report by ecommerce marketing company ecommerce platform eCommerceMarketplace. The company also revealed that ecommerce accounts for just 4% […]

Why are we so obsessed with Angel e commerce?

By now, most people are aware of the rise in digital commerce as more and more businesses are opening up their websites and apps to customers through apps, mobile and online platforms.But how many people know that online retailers have a significant impact on our lives as consumers?And how do they do it without our […]

Why is it important for consumers to know where they shop?

In the past, we’ve seen ecommerce businesses struggle to find and maintain a stable customer base.With Amazon’s recent launch of Amazon Prime, ecommerce has gained more traction in the marketplace.But while Amazon Prime has provided a level of convenience for consumers, eCommerce is still a niche market that many consumers will not know about.In order […]

ECommerce: CBP has a lot of things to protect against, says CBP spokesman

The Customs and Border Protection agency has been busy updating its online privacy policies since June, when the agency began implementing the new policies.It’s been an iterative process, with the agency first announcing the changes in June.The changes were first reported by Business Insider and Business Insider’s own research.The agency did not immediately respond to […]

Xiaomi launches new iPhone app for shopping, shopping with friends

Xiaomi is launching a new app to help users shop, and that app will let you shop with friends.The company’s MiApp, or Mi shopping, lets users make shopping orders, make payment, and pay by phone.It will let users shop on the company’s flagship Mi smartphone.The app, dubbed Mi Shopping, will let Mi users pay for […]

The New Economy of Amazon: How Amazon Built a New Economy

In this video from the National Geographic Channel, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos explains the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud service that is the backbone of the ecommerce business and how it has helped create a new economy for online shoppers.