Canada to sell Canada Post at $20.3B, but that’s not the end of it

Canada Post said it will sell Canada’s postal service at a record $20 billion valuation in an effort to bring its business back from the brink of collapse.The move comes a week after it reported that its revenues had fallen by more than $1 billion in the previous three years.The news comes as Prime Minister […]

Why is the social commerce service not available to you?

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Which of the big four supermarkets can you trust?

Updated June 29, 2018 17:30:03 When it comes to online shopping, the big three big four retailers are Kroger, Kmart and the US department store chain Walmart.Now, as Amazon expands its reach and becomes a major competitor, are these giants really worth the trust?Can you trust the retailers you shop at?ABC Marketplace has put together […]

Trump’s campaign to hire more interns for ecommerce

Trump’s new campaign for eCommerce internships is recruiting new workers, and it’s aiming to hire 100,000 people for its “Insightful, Professional, Empowered” internship program.In an effort to attract new interns, the campaign is planning to increase the number of paid internships and the number that are “flexible,” such as offering students “an opportunity to become […]

How to Build a Website with React, Redux, Redux Middleware and React Router

As a frontend developer, I’ve been working with React for years, so it’s not surprising that I’m a big fan of its open-source framework.But that doesn’t mean that React is perfect.While there are a few great tutorials out there, most of them are still in the early stages and don’t take the time to explain […]

How to build a mobile commerce business from scratch

The startup that started in 2015 has grown to more than $1 billion in revenue and a workforce of more than 3,000.It’s now using a platform called Desenvolvento, which allows users to place orders through a smartphone app, to create customized content to sell.The startup was founded by two former Facebook employees, Alex Zuker and […]

Kroger to pay $1.5 billion to settle class-action lawsuit

Kroger Co. said it has reached a $1 billion settlement with customers who claim they were defrauded by the retailer in a class-actions lawsuit filed in New York.The settlement will pay more than $100 million to customers who were harmed by the fraudulent practices, including consumers who received the product, which was allegedly contaminated with […]

Obama: ‘I want to see how the economy reacts’ when it comes to healthcare law

The White House is trying to tamp down fears that a healthcare overhaul may spark a backlash from some Republicans who have complained about how President Barack Obama’s healthcare law is currently implemented.“I’m confident that we will not be faced with the type of backlash that we’re going to see in other countries,” White House […]

How much does a Wii U game cost?

IGN: The Nintendo Wii U is launching at $299 for the console, while its predecessor, the Wii, costs $399.The new Nintendo system is also the first to launch with a fully 3D-printed plastic shell.You can now also order custom Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons and the new Switch Dock, which doubles as a docking station for the […]