When is the new Apple Watch not coming?

The Apple Watch may be the first smartwatch to be announced at WWDC 2018, but that hasn’t stopped us from speculating on its future.Apple Watch is expected to debut at WWD 2018 in June and the company has hinted that it will introduce two new models this year, one a watch with a smaller, sportier […]

What the FCC really wants to do with mobile data

When the FCC proposed an “emergency rulemaking” last month to create a new set of rules for mobile broadband providers, the goal of the new rules was to make it easier for them to sell their customers data to advertisers.But what they did not consider was that mobile data was already already available for everyone, […]

How to save your money on eBay’s latest deals

AUSTRALIA’S largest online auction site, eBay, has rolled out a new service to help sellers and buyers make sure their business is protected from the latest fraud.EBay Australia has launched a new tool that allows sellers to send a fraud report via email to a fraud hotline, which will then be forwarded to a specialist […]

Which of these are the most popular ecommerce tools for developers?

Ecommerce tools like Stripe, Etsy, Amazon and Shopify are becoming more popular, with ecommerce sales generating more than $30 billion in sales in 2015, according to ecommerce analytics firm eMarketer.The growth in these companies is driven by the ease of use, ease of marketing and ease of selling.But there’s another tool that’s also growing in […]

Amazon’s online business, Packaging, is growing again, even as it struggles to adapt to new technologies

ecommerce hardware,Packaging ecommerce,dubs,packages,commerce article e commerce goods,downtown,store,shelter source CBC NEWS title Amazon says it’s expanding the downtown Seattle store as part of a new move to help the retailer’s ecommerce business survive the changes in online commerce article eCommerce hardware,eCommerce hardware articles,ecommerce hardware article ebusiness hardware,sales,sell,sources source CBC news title Amazon has added more than […]

How to Answer Ohio’s ECommerce Questionnaire

The Ohio State University Ecommerce Center (OSTC) is a partnership of universities and businesses that provide information and resources to help businesses, individuals, and communities access commerce.While there is a lot of misinformation about the Ecommerce center, the goal is to help educate Ohioans and businesses about what the center offers.The Ecommerce survey aims to […]

When China’s Xiaomi will start selling Android phones

Xiaomi is expected to start selling devices in the US this month, according to reports.A source close to the company told The Wall Street Journal that the company plans to sell phones in stores in the coming weeks.China is the world’s second-largest smartphone market, with nearly 1.3 billion devices sold worldwide in 2015, according the […]

U.S. tech firms pay $200 million to settle antitrust claims

AUSTIN (AP) U.A.E. companies that provide products to U.B.E.-owned and controlled websites are paying $200,000 to settle claims that they were unfairly targeted by the federal government.The companies were identified in a class action lawsuit filed by a U.K.-based software developer who said U.C.P. was unfairly targeted for alleged anticompetitive behavior in the United States.U.S.-based […]

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Carrera: The Unbearably Lightness Of Being Carrera was the third of a trilogy of books by writer and activist Erika Christakis, published by HarperPerennial in 2015.They were about two sisters, Mandy and Amanda, who live in a house with their mother, MarĂ­a, and their sister, Marisol.In one of the books, Molly is a housemaid, and […]

How to get a better deal from Dell on Dell merchandise?

By Steve KingThe UK has the world’s biggest retailing market and Dell is one of the biggest companies in the industry.Dell sells computers, monitors and other electronics.It has a huge ecommerce empire, and has invested heavily in its ecommerce business, but it is a struggling retailer.Dell recently introduced its latest product, the Dell E300 desktop, […]