When fossil ecommerce is a reality, E-commerce giant fossil e must consider the future

RTE 1.55 million jobs are at stake as the global economy starts to turn on its head and fossil eCommerce is booming.With the launch of eCommerce platform Fossil eCommerce in March 2016, the company has now surpassed its $7.3 billion valuation.The platform offers online retailing from thousands of retail partners across the globe and has […]

Which of these new tech companies can be the next Apple?

New York City is home to a growing number of tech companies, and while many are headquartered in New York, they’re often based in other cities and across the world.So how do you find out which of these companies are best suited to New York?To help, we’ve gathered some of the top tech startups in […]

How to make a game of the new, massively multiplayer online game (MMO) EVE Online

In the years since EVE Online’s launch in 2007, it’s been one of the most popular massively multiplayer games in existence.The game has gone on to spawn a series of MMOs that have come and gone, as well as a number of standalone games that have been in development for years.EVE Online: New Eden, launched […]

Indonesia to buy e commerce vacancy for $7 billion

Indonesia to purchase a vacant e commerce space in Australia, with a view to opening it up to e commerce businesses by 2020 article The Indonesian government will acquire a vacant Australian e commerce business space in an auction valued at $7.3 billion in a bid to fill vacancies in its tourism sector, the Indonesian […]

When your ecommerce store needs to know what you are up to

Business Insider Australia title How to set up an ecommerce site with chat ecommerce, e commerce auto and e commerce rules article eCommerce Rules: eCommerce Auto and eCommerce Middleware

Ontario to spend $2 billion on ecommerce in 2018

Ontario is poised to spend a record $2.3 billion this year to expand online sales and promote the province’s ecommerce business, the province announced Friday.“Ontario is set to become the largest marketplace for ecommerce,” Ontario’s Economic Development Minister Charles Sousa said in a release.“As a result, we will spend an unprecedented $2,937 million this year […]

How to find the best eCommerce sites to use for your business

With eCommerce gaining momentum, you might be wondering where you’ll find the right site to sell your products, services and services.While you can get by with a few sites like e-commerce.com, e-stores.com and ecommerce.co.uk, you can find plenty of other options if you want to grow your eCommerce business.Here are our top 5 best e-Commerce […]

How to sell an ebook without the Apple logo

It’s not just the Apple icon on the back cover.Most ebook sellers don’t have to.They can create a “pay what you want” option and give users a discount.Amazon’s Kindle eReader, for instance, offers a $0.99 shipping price with a 30-day free trial, and the $99 Kindle Fire HDX offers a 25 percent discount if you’re […]

A new airline for the cloud?

It’s the year 2049.Your job as a cloud-centric entrepreneur has changed.You’re still a corporate executive, but your primary role is to keep the cloud in check.You are responsible for your entire organization’s IT infrastructure, including everything from your physical office and office furniture to data centers.The cloud isn’t necessarily a bad thing.As long as you’re […]

‘Tillerson: ‘We’re a long way away’ from ‘full integration’ of federal agencies

President Donald Trump on Wednesday urged his cabinet members to “truly, truly integrate” the Federal Government with the rest of the world, and urged a return to a “business as usual” approach to federal operations.“It’s not about a wall.It’s not even about a lot of things.It is about integration.And I want to tell you, I […]