How to use the eBay Feedback button to help a seller find your business

If you have ever looked at a seller’s feedback form, you’ve likely come across the ‘Send Feedback’ button.But the eBay feedback tool, also known as Feedback Explorer, has been around since 2007.It’s been designed to help you make a decision about whether or not to accept a sale from a seller.And since that’s the default […]

China’s ‘corporate welfare’ policies have left it in debt

China’s corporate welfare policies have created a financial and social crisis in its economy, with some Chinese businesses unable to survive, a study has found.Al Jazeera’s John Della Volpe reports from Beijing.

The ‘Ecommerce’ company you should know about

It’s an odd world.You might be thinking about ecommerce companies like Amazon and eBay, but it’s also a world of big retailers like Walmart, Target and Target.So what’s the point of talking about e-commerce if you can’t name a single retailer?That’s what ecommerce entrepreneur Dan Pincus wants to change with the launch of his startup […]

Why Japan is investing in e-commerce with Sansa

SANSA, Japan — E-commerce is booming in Japan, but that hasn’t stopped it from being a hot topic for the nation’s political leaders.“The fact that the country’s Prime Minister Abe has declared e-Commerce as one of the five pillars of the economy should give the industry a good start in the coming years,” said Akio […]

WWE Divas’ WWE Diva Championship Back in Stores

WWE Divashions latest WWE Divastion, WWE Divamentals newest and most anticipated title, and exclusive are all available to preorder now.Read full articleThe WWE Divaht Championship, the WWE Divacion, and the WWE Superstars Diva Championships have been revealed as part of the WWE’s latest release.The Divas Championship is a new title for WWE Divatations newest […]

When ‘fashionvibe’ was ‘the most popular news channel in the world’

By MARY KARL SINCLAIRA—For a time in 2009, “fashionvibe” was the most popular in the United States.“It was, in fact, the most-viewed channel on TV in America,” a former senior executive at the company told me in early 2010.“We had almost 5 million unique viewers a week.That’s an average of around 300,000 people a day.”The […]

Why the U.S. will pay billions to purchase Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent’s stock

A little over a year ago, Alibaba announced it would acquire a large stake in Tencent.But as we reported at the time, that deal had a lot of downside risks.And as Alibaba has become a major force in China, the news of Tencent and Alibaba’s deal has sparked a number of questions about how the […]

Cyber criminals in the spotlight as Amazon’s e-commerce business goes dark

The e-Commerce giant has shut down the website for e-mail accounts that customers used to log in to Amazon’s online marketplace.The website,, was set to remain open on Monday after Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos and chief executive officer Marc Benioff said it was too soon to know how many of its 500 million registered […]

When a Business School Will Make You an Entrepreneur

Posted October 06, 2018 10:19:53The future of the economy depends on how much people learn to think differently about the world around them.It’s also what it takes to become an entrepreneur.As part of our research on entrepreneurship, we asked more than 200 business schools to rank their top students on their ability to think more […]

How to win at online dating: How to build a brand

You might think you’re the best person to be on the dating app, but according to new research, it’s not always that simple.A new study from the dating service company SurveyMonkey found that just 23 percent of people on dating sites find someone who actually cares about them, and that’s despite people feeling a sense […]