Why you should be buying a Kindle and the iPad – Amazon and Apple in the ecommerce market

A couple of years ago, I was working on a presentation about the e-commerce landscape for a presentation for the U.K. government, and we started talking about Amazon and its role in ecommerce.We discussed the eCommerce giants like Amazon and eBay and their dominance in the space.But then I got the call that Amazon had […]

Why I’m going back to the mall

I can’t recall ever being so happy as when I went shopping with my family.The days of buying clothes, books, electronics and even electronics were over.But shopping with family, like buying groceries, feels like something special.We can’t get the same shopping experience with our children.And it’s so easy to be distracted.That’s why I’m back to […]

Why did Mercedes buy BMW in the first place?

Mercedes-Benz is a global brand with a rich history.It has made some of the most significant technological leaps in history and has become a worldwide symbol of German innovation.But what is its true story?It’s a story that’s been told many times over, but rarely given the proper recognition.In this week’s Sport Bible, we will tell […]

How to use ecommerce search engines to learn more about your business

Search engines like Google are getting smarter with each iteration of their search tools.Now, ecommerce is one of the hottest trends that can help you get a better idea about your online business.Let’s look at how to use these search engines and get a much better idea of your business.How to use Google search engine?Search […]

When the Jets trade DeMarco Murray, the Raiders will win it all

The Dallas Cowboys traded DeMarco MacMurray to the Philadelphia Eagles on Wednesday, but it will take a major overhaul on defense to win it over, the NFL Network reported.Murray will become a free agent after this season, and the Raiders, the reigning NFC West champions, will be without their most productive receiver.The Raiders will likely […]

MTV News – The MTV News Guide to Ecommerce

ecommerce licenses are issued to companies that will be able to enter the ecommerce market and provide an online store with high-quality products and services.Ecommerce licenses usually include a number of terms, such as store-front and fulfillment requirements, and also require that the product is suitable for ecommerce and meet the eCommerce standards.These are the […]

A simple guide to how to find the best bargains on eBay

Seller beware: There are many bargains for sale on eBay, and you’ll probably want to take your time.For example, if you’re searching for a gift for a loved one, eBay says you’ll need to look for a package of toilet paper.(US: toilet paper) But, if it’s a gift you really like, you’ll want to be […]

Dell: Deal will see eCommerce service expanded to all customers

Dell is expanding its eCommerce business, adding eCommerce, online commerce, and eCommerce platform to its business portfolio.The company says the expansion will enable it to more effectively meet the needs of its e-commerce customers, as well as those who have already invested in a Dell online store.The eCommerce product offering will be available for both […]

Which eCommerce products and services can be shipped via UPS or FedEx?

eCommerce is a very popular product category among retailers and many are using UPS and FedEx to deliver their products.With UPS and Fedex shipping companies offering both UPS and U.S. Postal Service (USPS) shipping services, this article will explore how these two companies are used to ship eCommerce packages.For the purpose of this article, we […]

Modul e Commerce, the company that created the Apple ecommerce portal, will launch a new online store. eCommerce 2016

Recode is reporting that Modul E Commerce, which was created by Apple and was acquired by Amazon last year, will create a new ecommerce store.The store will be called ModulEcommerce, and it will focus on Apple products and services, and will offer a mix of products and categories.Modulecommerce is still in its early stages and […]