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A $2,081 Value, Yours FREE During thier Launch Promotion

  The ONLY Platform that Creates a Complete E-Commerce Store in a Few Clicks:

Beginner and advanced Facebook Ads training

Value: $1248 = YOURS FREE TODAY

In-order to succeed you must learn how to properly engage your customers through strategically planned and targeted Facebook Ads. As part of this training you will learn how to turn your T-REX store into a money making machine. With our training you will learn the same secrets from the top internet marketers around the world. Without this training, you may end up frustrated and confused as to why your store is not making money. With our specialized training, you will better prepared to compete in this highly fluid environment and we don’t want you to fail. Learn about Ad Copy, Ad placement, split testing and when is the right time to expand your marketing efforts and increase your revenues and more importantly, your profits.


                                                         Access to Private Facebook Members Only group

Value: $1248 = YOURS FREE TODAY

Facebook Ad mastery is tricky. If you are dedicated to  learning as much as you can about it, we encourage you to  join our private Facebook Members Only Group. There you  will be able to collaborate with others who share the same  passion of being successful through Facebook Advertising.  Get in on the FREE information and see what others are  doing that you can include in your own marketing.


Monthly “E-Commerce” webinars

Value: $97/month = YOURS FREE TODAY

Mastermind level courses are for those who have some knowledge but want more. We offer mastermind webinars at no additional cost to help you achieve success!





                                                         Monthly specials, new designs, and image packs

Value: $600/month = YOURS FREE TODAY

You have a store and you are getting good at Facebook Advertising but wait, what do you do about designs?! Relax, we got you covered! One of the biggest issues people have is; I’m not an artist, where do I get captivating designs to use for my store? .


BizPAD project management software

1 YEAR VIP Account $1,164 Value = YOURS FREE TODAY

As a T-REX store owner you have FREE access to our unique Project Management software called Biz Pad. This powerful software will allow you to create a project, assign tasks and collaborate with others anywhere in the world to help bring your projects to life in a shorter amount of time than ever before.




                                                                        Printex drop ship fulfillment account

Value: $1000 = YOURS FREE TODAY

Okay, you have a store, you understand Facebook Ads, you have designs, but wait, where do you find products, who is going to print them, and more importantly, who is going to ship them?! Overwhelming as it can be for most people, as a T-REX client, we have a pre-existing relationship with Printex to help alleviate that headache. With our premier partner Printex, you have a 165,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility as your friend and business partner, all seamlessly integrated into the T-REX platform. HOW COOL IS THAT! In business for over 30 years, Printex can source products, does screen printing, direct to garment printing, embroidery, and full dye sublimation along with pick, pack and fulfillment anywhere in the world!


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