How to interview for the 2020 NFL Draft: ESPN

The NFL Draft is set to take place in Chicago, and the league has opened up the process for any fan in the country to submit a cover letter and submit to the draft board.The process is designed to help draft prospects develop their skills and knowledge of the game.For the first time, fans are […]

When the First Amendment was just the way it is now: No matter how your life is going, no matter how you do business, it’s a free country

When we’re talking about the First and Fourth Amendments, the First is about the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.The Fourth is about privacy, and it’s about what we can know and do with our personal information.Today, we are facing a new reality, where our government and corporate giants are seizing the […]

Businesses are reporting high volumes of ecommerce scams from Canada and the U.S.

Businesses across Canada and America are reporting a surge in ecommerce scam victims in recent weeks, as they try to prevent their accounts from being hacked and the credit card numbers and other personal information stolen.The surge, which began to pick up in the U, is being driven by the recent arrest of two Canadian […]