Dell’s eCommerce sales plummet by more than 40%

Dell has announced a sharp decline in its ecommerce sales as it seeks to shift away from Amazon and Google, with a loss of nearly 40% of its online sales.Dell said its online business had a sales decline of 32.7% for the three months to March 31, down from a peak of 37.9% in June […]

Dell says it’s bringing back its online store, but not for sale

Dell said on Tuesday it would bring back its e-commerce portal to the Philippines, a move that comes as part of a broader restructuring.The move comes as the Philippines has emerged as a major technology hub, with a burgeoning tech sector and a growing number of tech-savvy consumers.It’s not clear when the portal will open, […]

How to get a better deal from Dell on Dell merchandise?

By Steve KingThe UK has the world’s biggest retailing market and Dell is one of the biggest companies in the industry.Dell sells computers, monitors and other electronics.It has a huge ecommerce empire, and has invested heavily in its ecommerce business, but it is a struggling retailer.Dell recently introduced its latest product, the Dell E300 desktop, […]

EU and China sign trade deal to ease tensions

China has signed an agreement with the European Union and the United States to ease trade tensions with North Korea.The European Union said it would begin negotiations on a $US1.6 billion ($1.9 billion) deal for energy and logistics.The deal, which China will sign on Tuesday, was signed in Brussels by Chinese President Xi Jinping, European […]

How to Avoid Dell ECommerce Scams

Scammers have been cropping up for some time now, and they’re still being exploited by businesses.But what if they’re not scamming you?In the world of Dell, you’ll have to know exactly what they’re trying to pull off.It’s like you’re not alone in this.Here are seven ways to avoid Dell Ecommerce scams.1.Know your business model.Dell sells […]

Dell: Deal will see eCommerce service expanded to all customers

Dell is expanding its eCommerce business, adding eCommerce, online commerce, and eCommerce platform to its business portfolio.The company says the expansion will enable it to more effectively meet the needs of its e-commerce customers, as well as those who have already invested in a Dell online store.The eCommerce product offering will be available for both […]