The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Carrera: The Unbearably Lightness Of Being Carrera was the third of a trilogy of books by writer and activist Erika Christakis, published by HarperPerennial in 2015.They were about two sisters, Mandy and Amanda, who live in a house with their mother, MarĂ­a, and their sister, Marisol.In one of the books, Molly is a housemaid, and […]

How to make money online: What to look out for

The most common online scams include a site that charges you money to buy something, or a fake product, or an email scam.You may also be fooled into giving money to a scammer by a website that offers to send you money or a video that is a scam, or even a photo of a […]

How to build a mobile commerce business from scratch

The startup that started in 2015 has grown to more than $1 billion in revenue and a workforce of more than 3,000.It’s now using a platform called Desenvolvento, which allows users to place orders through a smartphone app, to create customized content to sell.The startup was founded by two former Facebook employees, Alex Zuker and […]