Trump administration denies ‘no credible threat’ to US trade with China

The Trump administration has denied a claim by a trade group that China has violated international law in its trade practices, in a response to the group’s allegations that the United States is “unfairly” punishing its trading partners for the trade deficits.The trade group, the American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on Thursday accused President […]

How to Save Your Money on Your New Home–Now You Can Start Saving!

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that your next home is going to be in a major city, and you’re ready to make your decision.It’s a big deal, and we’re here to help you out.This post is a compilation of some common questions you may have about buying a home.If you’re in a new […]

Ontario to spend $2 billion on ecommerce in 2018

Ontario is poised to spend a record $2.3 billion this year to expand online sales and promote the province’s ecommerce business, the province announced Friday.“Ontario is set to become the largest marketplace for ecommerce,” Ontario’s Economic Development Minister Charles Sousa said in a release.“As a result, we will spend an unprecedented $2,937 million this year […]

How ecommerce has a ‘big future’

The future of ecommerce is big, and the industry is growing fast.We’ve been here before, when Amazon, eBay, and other ecommerce giants tried to compete with Amazon, but failed.The future is here, and it’s about to get bigger, faster, and more exciting than ever before.Read moreRead moreThe rise of Amazon, ecommerce, and commerce: a review […]

When social commerce fails, businesses must start over

Social commerce is the business model that helped bring new types of businesses to the American marketplace.It’s also the model that may be failing today.For years, social commerce entrepreneurs have been struggling to break into the consumer retail market.Social commerce has always had a hard time finding a strong customer base.And with consumers increasingly willing […]