Jerusalem merchants open shop in USMCA e commerce

Israel’s largest commerce agency is opening an online retail store in US-based commerce hub Dubli, and the department has set a target of opening a total of three shops in the country in the next six months.Dubli Commerce Minister Uri Karpov said the Israeli company, which specializes in digital media, ecommerce and digital retail, was […]

How to use Google Cardboard to get around Australia’s tax woes

The Australian Financial Regulator has recommended Google Cardboards be banned as a way to reduce tax evasion.The agency has also recommended retailers make it easier to register customers using the devices.The ACCC said Google Cardbans could be used to avoid paying GST on goods.“It could be useful to make the payment easier for people who […]

Why did Mercedes buy BMW in the first place?

Mercedes-Benz is a global brand with a rich history.It has made some of the most significant technological leaps in history and has become a worldwide symbol of German innovation.But what is its true story?It’s a story that’s been told many times over, but rarely given the proper recognition.In this week’s Sport Bible, we will tell […]