ECommerce: CBP has a lot of things to protect against, says CBP spokesman

The Customs and Border Protection agency has been busy updating its online privacy policies since June, when the agency began implementing the new policies.It’s been an iterative process, with the agency first announcing the changes in June.The changes were first reported by Business Insider and Business Insider’s own research.The agency did not immediately respond to […]

The New Economy of Amazon: How Amazon Built a New Economy

In this video from the National Geographic Channel, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos explains the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud service that is the backbone of the ecommerce business and how it has helped create a new economy for online shoppers.

Jerusalem merchants open shop in USMCA e commerce

Israel’s largest commerce agency is opening an online retail store in US-based commerce hub Dubli, and the department has set a target of opening a total of three shops in the country in the next six months.Dubli Commerce Minister Uri Karpov said the Israeli company, which specializes in digital media, ecommerce and digital retail, was […]