Ars Technic’s Top Ten Best PC Games of 2014

A year ago, I was shocked when I stumbled across a game called The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and it was a game I had played several times before, but never heard of until today.The game was actually a new entry in a series of Nintendo games that I’d never played before.Zelda, […]

A new airline for the cloud?

It’s the year 2049.Your job as a cloud-centric entrepreneur has changed.You’re still a corporate executive, but your primary role is to keep the cloud in check.You are responsible for your entire organization’s IT infrastructure, including everything from your physical office and office furniture to data centers.The cloud isn’t necessarily a bad thing.As long as you’re […]

How to buy on eBay and Amazon without an ad, a guide

Seller beware: eBay and its ilk are getting into the ecommerce space.The biggest ecommerce sites and sellers are using the platforms to advertise themselves and advertise their wares without an adsense.But if you’re just browsing, you may find you can find the same deal on Amazon or eBay for cheaper.The rules vary depending on the […]