Trump administration denies ‘no credible threat’ to US trade with China

The Trump administration has denied a claim by a trade group that China has violated international law in its trade practices, in a response to the group’s allegations that the United States is “unfairly” punishing its trading partners for the trade deficits.The trade group, the American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on Thursday accused President […]

A simple guide to how to find the best bargains on eBay

Seller beware: There are many bargains for sale on eBay, and you’ll probably want to take your time.For example, if you’re searching for a gift for a loved one, eBay says you’ll need to look for a package of toilet paper.(US: toilet paper) But, if it’s a gift you really like, you’ll want to be […]

Why the Philippines needs e commerce – A post from the Philippines

The Philippines is struggling to make inroads into the ecommerce world after it failed to become the leader in the e-commerce space in 2016.This is in contrast to China, which has been making an effort to become a player in the region.But in a recent report, the Financial Post concluded that the Philippines still has […]