How to get a better deal from Dell on Dell merchandise?

By Steve KingThe UK has the world’s biggest retailing market and Dell is one of the biggest companies in the industry.Dell sells computers, monitors and other electronics.It has a huge ecommerce empire, and has invested heavily in its ecommerce business, but it is a struggling retailer.Dell recently introduced its latest product, the Dell E300 desktop, […]

How to deal with your ecommerce salespeople

I am not the only one with concerns about the ecommerce world’s new landscape.As I’ve written in the past, many retailers are now facing the prospect of paying less than they would to sell their products on Amazon, or worse yet, their product is being sold for less than the market value.Amazon is currently worth […]

Businesses are reporting high volumes of ecommerce scams from Canada and the U.S.

Businesses across Canada and America are reporting a surge in ecommerce scam victims in recent weeks, as they try to prevent their accounts from being hacked and the credit card numbers and other personal information stolen.The surge, which began to pick up in the U, is being driven by the recent arrest of two Canadian […]