Which of these new tech companies can be the next Apple?

New York City is home to a growing number of tech companies, and while many are headquartered in New York, they’re often based in other cities and across the world.So how do you find out which of these companies are best suited to New York?To help, we’ve gathered some of the top tech startups in […]

When the First Amendment was just the way it is now: No matter how your life is going, no matter how you do business, it’s a free country

When we’re talking about the First and Fourth Amendments, the First is about the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.The Fourth is about privacy, and it’s about what we can know and do with our personal information.Today, we are facing a new reality, where our government and corporate giants are seizing the […]

How to be more productive with ecommerce waste

In this week’s episode, our host Nick Baumann interviews Josh Gonsalves, founder of the ecommerce business platform EcommerceStrategi, and shares how he makes sure he doesn’t waste time with the wrong tasks.We also hear from Jason DeSantis, who has been using ecommerce to turn his life around.Jason is the founder and CEO of the social […]

MTV News – The MTV News Guide to Ecommerce

ecommerce licenses are issued to companies that will be able to enter the ecommerce market and provide an online store with high-quality products and services.Ecommerce licenses usually include a number of terms, such as store-front and fulfillment requirements, and also require that the product is suitable for ecommerce and meet the eCommerce standards.These are the […]