The Ultimate Retail News Roundup for February 2017

Newsweek’s March 2017 cover story on the retailing juggernaut Amazon, featuring an Amazon employee giving a sales pitch to the press, has been removed from the website.The article, which featured Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos speaking in a live video to the New York Times, has since been removed.In an email, Amazon spokesperson Liz Stryker said […]

Why does my ecommerce store show up on Google?

We’ve got a few reasons why your ecommerce website might be listed on Google for you to explore.This article will help you figure it out and answer some questions about why your site is being displayed on the search engine.What can you tell me about the Google listing?If you’re using a paid plugin to display […]

How to Avoid Dell ECommerce Scams

Scammers have been cropping up for some time now, and they’re still being exploited by businesses.But what if they’re not scamming you?In the world of Dell, you’ll have to know exactly what they’re trying to pull off.It’s like you’re not alone in this.Here are seven ways to avoid Dell Ecommerce scams.1.Know your business model.Dell sells […]