Why we can’t judge Amazon by how it sells its products

It’s easy to make a case that Amazon has become a major player in ecommerce, selling hundreds of millions of products on its site every day.But that doesn’t mean that Amazon is making billions of dollars in profit from each sale.What is clear is that Amazon’s dominance is a significant part of the story.We’ve put […]

‘This is a sad day for Australia’ – ‘It’s an unfortunate situation’

Ecommerce site Tesco has been forced to pull all of its ecommerce listings from Australia’s most popular shopping site because of a security breach.The retailer said it was aware of the breach, which was discovered by a security researcher on Friday, and has begun the process of removing all of the products it currently sells […]

Ecommerce croatias clicks funnel – Business Insider

A new tool that allows businesses to see their sales on the ecommerce marketplace Marketplace has been launched by Croatia on Wednesday.The site, called Ecommerce Clickfunnel , allows users to see the number of orders they have placed and the average price per order.It’s the first of its kind in the EU, and it has […]

How Uber will change your travel shopping experience

Ecommerce shopping has always been a big part of the travel shopping process, but now, with the launch of Uber, you can order online and pick up and deliver in just a matter of minutes.And that’s great news for consumers, as we’ve already seen the app make a huge impact on the way we shop.Uber […]

Conad e Commerce: eCommerce shopping

Conad Commerce is a commerce ecommerce platform.This platform allows merchants to create ecommerce pages, and it can even convert any form of payment.ConadCommerce is a platform for selling goods and services.It allows sellers to pay for their goods with PayPal or credit cards, or with PayPal, credit cards or PayPal accounts.Conidos payment service is a […]