U.S. tech firms pay $200 million to settle antitrust claims

AUSTIN (AP) U.A.E. companies that provide products to U.B.E.-owned and controlled websites are paying $200,000 to settle claims that they were unfairly targeted by the federal government.The companies were identified in a class action lawsuit filed by a U.K.-based software developer who said U.C.P. was unfairly targeted for alleged anticompetitive behavior in the United States.U.S.-based […]

FourFour2 – eCommerce kurs ecommerce consiglia ecommerce estonia: BCC ECommerce support

FourFourFourTwo is a Spanish-language video game streaming service, owned and operated by Movistar Communications.It features original content from a variety of Spanish-speaking publishers including: El PaĆ­s, El Pais, La Revista, El Mundo, El Mercurio, and Una Universidad.The service is owned by Movestro, which is a joint venture between Univision and Viacom, the parent company of […]

Which eCommerce products and services can be shipped via UPS or FedEx?

eCommerce is a very popular product category among retailers and many are using UPS and FedEx to deliver their products.With UPS and Fedex shipping companies offering both UPS and U.S. Postal Service (USPS) shipping services, this article will explore how these two companies are used to ship eCommerce packages.For the purpose of this article, we […]