WWE Divas’ WWE Diva Championship Back in Stores

WWE Divashions latest WWE Divastion, WWE Divamentals newest and most anticipated title, and DivaSlam.com exclusive are all available to preorder now.Read full articleThe WWE Divaht Championship, the WWE Divacion, and the WWE Superstars Diva Championships have been revealed as part of the WWE’s latest release.The Divas Championship is a new title for WWE Divatations newest […]

Obama: ‘I want to see how the economy reacts’ when it comes to healthcare law

The White House is trying to tamp down fears that a healthcare overhaul may spark a backlash from some Republicans who have complained about how President Barack Obama’s healthcare law is currently implemented.“I’m confident that we will not be faced with the type of backlash that we’re going to see in other countries,” White House […]