Which companies are in the top 20?

Bloomberg – 1,935 companies are listed in the World Bank’s Global Economic Indicators for the year ending March 2017, according to the latest data available from the organization.That’s the highest total for any calendar year since 2008, according the data.In addition, there were 3,086 firms listed in global trade data in March, an increase of […]

Why Walmart will not sell e-commerce products at the U.S. border

Walmart announced Wednesday it will not carry online shopping products at its U.N. headquarters in New York City as a result of the deadly violence in the Middle East.The decision comes after the company’s president, Jeff Smisek, made the announcement in a news conference on Wednesday afternoon, according to the Associated Press.In a statement, the […]

Hacker News user reviews of ecommerce images

The Hacker News forums have been flooded with images of e-commerce items, including some from a Chinese company, selling products that are no longer available.A Chinese company called Jia Yuewan, who also calls themselves the “eCommerce” company, has a new website on the Hacker News marketplace and offers a variety of products including the popular […]