Indonesia to buy e commerce vacancy for $7 billion

Indonesia to purchase a vacant e commerce space in Australia, with a view to opening it up to e commerce businesses by 2020 article The Indonesian government will acquire a vacant Australian e commerce business space in an auction valued at $7.3 billion in a bid to fill vacancies in its tourism sector, the Indonesian […]

When the world needs more flexibility in commerce, a new strategy

New Scientist article The World Economic Forum (WEF) has announced a new global initiative aimed at strengthening the world’s economic growth and innovation.The “global strategy for innovation” aims to accelerate innovation across a wide range of industries, with a focus on creating new industries and new services that drive economic growth.This initiative will also help […]

How ecommerce has a ‘big future’

The future of ecommerce is big, and the industry is growing fast.We’ve been here before, when Amazon, eBay, and other ecommerce giants tried to compete with Amazon, but failed.The future is here, and it’s about to get bigger, faster, and more exciting than ever before.Read moreRead moreThe rise of Amazon, ecommerce, and commerce: a review […]