Which social commerce platforms are worth the effort?

TechCrunch – The following are the top 20 social commerce sites for businesses to start using: 1.Google – The search engine giant has announced a partnership with Facebook to allow its products to be used on the social media platform.2.Shopify – The online retailer has announced its latest version of its marketplace for businesses, with […]

Ecommerce croatias clicks funnel – Business Insider

A new tool that allows businesses to see their sales on the ecommerce marketplace Marketplace has been launched by Croatia on Wednesday.The site, called Ecommerce Clickfunnel , allows users to see the number of orders they have placed and the average price per order.It’s the first of its kind in the EU, and it has […]

‘Tillerson: ‘We’re a long way away’ from ‘full integration’ of federal agencies

President Donald Trump on Wednesday urged his cabinet members to “truly, truly integrate” the Federal Government with the rest of the world, and urged a return to a “business as usual” approach to federal operations.“It’s not about a wall.It’s not even about a lot of things.It is about integration.And I want to tell you, I […]

Why is the social commerce service not available to you?

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When social commerce fails, businesses must start over

Social commerce is the business model that helped bring new types of businesses to the American marketplace.It’s also the model that may be failing today.For years, social commerce entrepreneurs have been struggling to break into the consumer retail market.Social commerce has always had a hard time finding a strong customer base.And with consumers increasingly willing […]