The Rise of the Marketplace: A Tale of Two Games

The rise of the marketplace has been a boon to online shopping, but for a variety of reasons.First, online shopping is a very low barrier to entry.Consumers can spend less than $100 on a single item, and most online sellers are very profitable.Second, shopping is often done by a small number of consumers, who can […]

When the First Amendment was just the way it is now: No matter how your life is going, no matter how you do business, it’s a free country

When we’re talking about the First and Fourth Amendments, the First is about the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.The Fourth is about privacy, and it’s about what we can know and do with our personal information.Today, we are facing a new reality, where our government and corporate giants are seizing the […]

Why you should buy from Amazon – a guide

Amazon has come under fire for selling products from its online retailer that it says are infringing on copyright.In a statement, the company said that the legal system in the US is “overwhelmingly favorable to sellers who take legal action against alleged copyright infringers”.In the UK, it said that in the past 12 months, there […]

How to be more productive with ecommerce waste

In this week’s episode, our host Nick Baumann interviews Josh Gonsalves, founder of the ecommerce business platform EcommerceStrategi, and shares how he makes sure he doesn’t waste time with the wrong tasks.We also hear from Jason DeSantis, who has been using ecommerce to turn his life around.Jason is the founder and CEO of the social […]